The Mermaid Dreams Palette consists of:

  • 2 Chunky Cosmetic Glitters 
  • 2 Fine & Chunky Cosmetic Glitter Mixes

Shade Names (Left to Right, Top to Bottom)

  • Gabriella: Blend of Rose Gold, Iridescent White and Copper - Chunky Glitter
  • Melody: Blend of Yellow, Holographic Gold, Iridescent White and Gold - Fine & Chunky Glitter Mix
  • Ariel: Blend of Deep Turquoise, Gold, and Iridescent White - Fine & Chunky Glitter Mix
  • Alana: Blend of Pink, Iridescent Light Blue and Silver - Chunky Glitter

12 Grams Total

"Mermaid Dreams" Glitter Palette

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